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Lene Bjerre & Simple Goods


Welcome to the press site of Lene Bjerre & Simple Goods for journalists, bloggers, instagrammers and other opinion makers. Feel free to browse through our folders of stunning and evocative pictures from our current and previous collections below. Each collection of mood pictures are available for you to download. Here, you can also find the product pack images for each collection in high resolution. We hope that these pictures can aid you in writing exciting new content about Lene Bjerre.

Note: All images and materials belong to Lene Bjerre A/S and may not be resold or used for any purpose other than the branding of Lene Bjerre A/S. We are looking forward to hear from you.  


 For press login please contact:





We want to inspire with gorgeous mood pictures from our collections. If you want to see all of our pictures from current and previous collections, please contact Simone for more information.


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