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It’s early spring, and nature is starting to awaken from its rest. Soon, we will be surrounded by blooming trees and the soothing sounds of birds. This time of year, brings renewal and a sense of liberation. We have eagerly awaited the longer, brighter days and the gentle spring breeze. It’s also the time of year when we begin to prepare our outdoor areas for the new season.  Whether you aim to enhance your terrace, create a space for entertaining guests or relaxation, our beautiful Outdoor collection has everything you need.







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COLLECTION 2023/2024

The new Collection 2023/2024 celebrates the slower, more contemplative pace of the season, encouraging us to enjoy the moments and make the most out of what we have. It’s a great time to reflect and embrace the seasonal changes of the nature that surrounds us.

Our new Collection 2023/2024 is a treasure trove of discoveries inspired by the very local nature to deeper and more enchanting depths of the forests. Discover a new rage of flowerpots, vases, and interior in new organic shapes, with surprising details as well as natural, living structures and nuances.

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Outdoor living has become an integral part of contemporary lifestyles, blending the comfort of indoor spaces with the serenity of the great outdoors. As our connection with nature deepens, so does the desire to create inviting and stylish outdoor spaces that serve as extensions of our homes.

With this new collection, we set the stage for this season’s outdoor living. Our thoughtfully curated selection of flowerpots, outdoor furniture, and garden decor empowers you to create your own outdoor sanctuary. We encourage you to be creative and playful. Enjoy!

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